History of the Company


Sarco was founded in 1998 as a general electronics distributor. The company expanded in 2000 into building custom telecommunication products and incorporated that year. In 2002, the company expanded to include an 11,000 square foot building as a permanent manufacturing center, in Southern California.

Sarco launched the e-commerce site, 123eDistribution.com in 2004 and opened a second location in Colorado in 2006.

In 2007 Sarco extracted the value added service from its distribution business to brand 123eWireless, a design and manufacturing company focused on creating integrated wireless solutions.

By leveraging its resources as an RF distributor and its proprietary manufacturing technology, 123eWireless has expanded its business to design and produce high quality solutions assembled in the United States.

Today 123eWireless is a manufacturing company focused on servicing the needs of quick turn engineered solutions for wireless communications.


Dedicated Solutions for the World's Largest Wireless Companies


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