LTE Solutions

Antenna Cable and Weatherproofing, RRU Connectivity and Squid Power and Fiber solutions.

Hybrid Fiber

Type of Power: TC-ER: 6 conductor - 8 AWG tinned CU conductors with PVC Nylon insulation, overall shield with drain, overall braid, tinned copper ground, with a PVC jacket. The Fiber trunk is complied of paired fiber single mode duplex cables.

Coaxial Cable

We offer a full range of cable products from jumpers and connectors to transmission line systems. Flexible and Super Flexible Corrugated, Braided and Phase Stable Coax RF Cables are of the highest quality and various types are available by the spool.

RF Adapters

Offering a full line of DIN, Mini DIN, N, QMA, SMA, SMB, 1.0/2.3

Directional Couplers

Our directional couplers operates over the full frequency range. The units feature excellent PIM performance and offers directivity of better than 20 dB over frequency range. For indoor or outdoor applications.

Surge Protectors

Offering lightning arrestors and Bias T with lightning protection. We have the right solution to make sure your equipment is protected from a devastatig lightning strike.

Site Materials

123eWireless provides the site materials to complete any job site. Ranging from the hangers to hole the cable to the tape to protect the equipment from the weather.


123eWireless has developed the most comprehensive RSSI kit for all carrier bands. The 123-RSSI-Kit includes all the accessory equipment needed to hunt for signal interference from 650-2500mhz. This kit has over 80 different tools for hunting internal and external issues in one portable case with a tactical backpack for field use.

4.3-10 Solutions

Jumpers, Adapters, Terminators and weatherproofing solutions

Power Cables

Offering 8, 10 and 12 AWG DC Main Power Cables

Coax Connectors

123eFit™ connectors integrate a self flaring flange and retention collate. This design utilizes fewer separate components; thus decreasing the number of moving parts. Fewer moving parts means better PIM performance and fewer parts to lose.

RF Terminators

Offering DIN, N, QMA and SMA Terminators, 2-100 watts


Low Power Splitters and High Power Splitters

Unequal Dividers & Hybrid Couplers

Unequal Dividers from 6dB - 20dB and DIN Female and N Female Hybrid Couplers

Power & Grounding

We offer RET Component Grounding Kits, Copper Bus Bar Kits, Pole Clamps, Diplexer Mounting Kits and much more.

E-911 Solutions

Our E-911 "All in one" Kits offer conversion and install kits for both Dual Band GPS and LMU Antenna. Our kits make ordering and installation as easy as 123!

Fiber Optics

123eWireless’ premade fiber jumper assemblies are custom manufactured to length, connectivity systems and fiber type upon request.

AISG RET Solutions

We can custom configure any length including male, female, male 90°, female 90°, and DB9 (Huawei) connectors. We also offer a complete selection of lightning protection, long run RET kits with grounding and Bias T solutions.

Coax Jumpers

Factory Premade RF Jumpers, PIM & VSRW certified, Riser and Plenum rated. Low Loss 240, 400, Phase Stable RG192, 1/4" FlexForm, 1/2" Flexible and Super Flexible configurations available.

RF Attenuators

DIN, N, QMA, and SMA Male and Female configurations available 2-100 Watts

Diplexers & Triplexers

Each of our filters provide good isolation, low combining insertion loss, and good pass band match to the RF signal in the respective bands.

Weather Protection

We are the experts in weatherproofing your vital connections. We can keep mother nature at bay with our EasySeal™ weather protection kit, our EasyWrap™ self-amalgamating tape and our CopperSeal™ anti-corrosive agent.


123eWireless has a wide variety of antennas from GPS to Omnidirectional antennas

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