Flexible Corrugated Copper Cable (Low PIM)

Our Low PIM Flexible Cables are Low Density Foam, corrugated copper. These cables are designed to provide low-loss connections between the base station and antennas. We offer jackets in standard PE and also fire retardant Riser and Plenum rated versions.

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Super Flexible Corrugated Copper Cable (Low PIM)

Our Super Flexible cables offer low attenuation, high flexibility and shielding. The electrical and mechanical performance are superior and are ideal for applications requiring the smallest bending radius. We offer versions in standard PE jackets as well as fire retardant Riser.

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1/4” Flex Form Low PIM

Perfect for in-building applications with the need for high performance flexible coax cable with excellent low PIM performance.

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Braided Coax

50 Ohm Braided Coaxial Cable with PE jacket are the perfect solution for your two-way communication coax needs. Offering 1/4" and 3/8".

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Phase Stable

Our Phase Stable RG142 cables offer a high quality low cost solution for field test and measurement applications where phase stability is a necessity. This cable can also be used for indoor DAS projects.

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