RRU to RRU Armored Fiber Cascade Cable
RRU to RRU Armored Fiber Cascade Cable

RRU to RRU Duplex Single Mode Armored Fiber Cascade Cable, LC to LC with FiberSeal on both ends, 1M

Item # 123-F42-1DD-01M-FSFS

ArmorOptics™ by 123eWireless is the strongest most flexible armored fiber optic cable on the market; . ArmorOptics™ cable is ideal for condensing your cable tray occupancy by offering a small OD cable with a high fiber count.

This item is available in the following sizes:

item # 123-F42-1DD-01M-FSFS: 1 M
item # 123-F42-1DD-02M-FSFS: 2 M
item # 123-F42-1DD-05M-FSFS: 5 M
item # 123-F42-1DD-10M-FSFS: 10 M

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Tech Specifications
Length 1 Meter
Connection A LC/UPC (with FiberSeal)
Connection B LC/UPC (with FiberSeal)
Fiber Type Single Mode
Fiber Count 2
Fiber Type Micro Distribution Cable
Strength members Water swell-able aramid yarn
Armor Stainless Steel Tube with shield
Armor Jacket Low smoke zero halogen
Diameter 8.0mm
Mechanical Specifications
Crush Resistance 3000N/mm
Tensile 800N
Minimum Bend Radius Repeated: 10x Cable Diameter
Minimum Bend Radius Single: 15x Cable Diameter
Operating Temperature -20C to +70C
Storage Temperature -40C to +70C
Transmission Specifications
Attenuation @ 1310nm 0.50 dB/km
Attenuation @ 1550nm 0.25 dB/km
Optical Performance Requirements
Insertion Loss @ 1310nm, 1550nm, and 1625nm: < 0.5 dB
Return Loss >50 dB
Equivalent to RPM2531610/10M, RPM2530292/1000-A

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